The YSchool

I work with individuals and organizations to level up their flourishing and business skills, that is, positive psychology and business.

Learning is a journey I enjoy and have fun doing it!

- Yomna Sameer

Business Consultant and Venture builder

I help companies achieve their best in innovation, strategy and positive psychology. I help startups realize their dream.

Positive psychologist

I love psychology and I do talk about it ;) I am a happiness researcher in Erasmus EHERO institute.

Author and influencer

Writing that’s backed up with research and evidence is my passion! Check my books and videos to know more!

Welcome to my website !

I help individuals and companies achieve a happier and a more successful life. I do both “and I love both”; positive psychology and business.

Yomna Sameer is the CEO and director of ElFlow Co., a hub that works on helping individuals achieve a more successful, healthier, and financially flourishing life. By mingling her academic background with her business and startups advisory and consultancy, she brings the two worlds of positive psychology and business together. She consults, trains and teaches individuals across all levels, from students to executives, and across all types of companies, whether startups or multinational global companies.